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the one with Ashton + Jordan, a Lubbock engagement

I photographed a Lubbock engagement Saturday night. And how cute are these two? The first time I met Ashton was at her sister's wedding and I was amazed at her "Bambi" eyelashes. HELLO! All the Coll girls have amazing eyelashes. She's such a pretty girl! But over the course of the years, with her becoming a photographer and then losing her mom, I really got to know more than her eyelashes. And she's STILL such a pretty girl.

Now she's in love with Jordan and they are getting married! I'm beyond bummed that I can't photograph her wedding, I'm already booked, but I'm so excited for the two of them! They were friends first, and then fell in love. So their body language together is very comfortable and very easy to photograph. I had so much fun!

Thanks, you two. And BEST WISHES ALWAYS + FOREVER!

Love does,