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the one with Brandon + Bailey, an Odessa engagement session

I'm a day late on this sneak peek, but HELLO! Kanga is in labor and having puppies! Oh, Lord! I'm a nervous wreck. She started showing signs days ago and all the information I had read said 61-63 days. She's on day 60 today. WOW! We are going to have puppies again! I hope everything goes OK? I'm not the best in medical situations.

So, Friday I drove to Odessa to photograph Bailey + Brandon's engagement session. They've had to wait an extra day for their sneak peek, but I don't think they will mind after the see puppy pictures on here in the next day or two. We had a fun time shooting around downtown Odessa and then driving out to the sands. I LOVE the sands! They are a super HOT cute couple, and Brandon's a cop. That made for some interesting conversation. I always have questions on something like that. Enjoy!

Love does,