Have you heard about Loverly?

Have you heard about Loverly? I'm trying to figure out how it's different from Pinterest. I'm a pinner, yep. Not an everyday check the site all day, pinner, but I do get to the site once a week and have found it very helpful for storing my ideas and such. Well, I got an email today about a new site, maybe not so new, but new to me called Loverly. It looks a lot like Pinterest.

Are any of you on this site? Just wondering how "wildly popular" it really is.

Last night, when photographing this amazingly cute, HOT couple in Odessa, we were talking about "Save the Dates" and she showed me several she had saved on her wedding board on Pinterest. Such an easy thing, to really get to see your clients ideas visually in one place. Maybe Loverly will help with that as well, but it seems like a substitute instead of something better. You know?


Loverly Website



And because I LOVE still images, how's this sweet one below? This is that HOT COUPLE I was referring to. More of their sneak peek later today.


Brooke + Brandon Odessa Engagement