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the one with Abbi, Cooper Senior 2013

Abbi, a Cooper Senior, is graduating! Check her out! I've watched her grow up gracefully, these past 4 years and was so excited to photograph her senior photographs. It's that time of year, for sure. Ruidosa was great and I was glad to get away, but HELLO! Pretty girl, cute clothes and my camera? I'm game.

Thank you, Abbi for contacting me. I had such a good time hanging out with you and your family. You did AWESOME!

Love does,


I love her hair! So when she turned and got some air, I played. The movement is so dreamy. Almost like ribbons blowing in the wind. BEAUTIFUL! These next two images? She'll never choose these for an announcement or anything, but when you are shooting, you are shooting for the subject, the job and for yourself. Abbi? These are for me. I LOVE!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that shot above! Both of them. She's so pretty! And Abbi, no worries on the dirt on your britches. I completely forgot to PS that out. But I will if you want those images. I just concentrate on the face and eyes when I edit and BAM! These grabbed me. You did sooooo good. And please tell your father that this was a collaborative effort. You grew up to look this HOT and I just snapped the pictures. LOL