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the one where we head to Ruidosa for Spring Break

Yep. I'm in Ruidosa for a few days. Not skiing or snowboarding or really much of anything. Just hanging out with the Bednarz Family and chilling in the cabin. We brought food, beer and games. Oh, and great Grandma who's 98. It's always fun when she's around and she kicks everyone's booty in "blow it" and Dominos. She's a game player.

Right now, I'm sitting on the back patio blogging. The kids are down by the lookout playing games and the men are in the kitchen working on a big batch of chili for tonight. It's a good day.

We packed up the Pilot and took off late afternoon. I was excited to be shooting for me and capturing some fun memories for our family while Kalyn was home. The girls sat in the back doing whatever and I had 4000+ tunes on the iPod for Devin to go through. Our Honda Pilot comes with a jack so we keep the pod fully loaded in the console ready to go. We jammed and sang the entire way here. And Devin even let me put him in a photo or two. THANK YOU!!!!

Here's Day one of our RUIDOSA NM ADVENTURE!

Love does,


Here's the Pilot in the garage before we left. Someone in there are two homebaked pies. YEP. I love some pie with coffee for breakfast. It ain't vacation until you got pie.

They are enjoying each other. Summer and Devin drove all the way to Denton and back that very day to see her PT, Dale Smith. It was the end of basketball for her and we wanted her rested and ready for her vacation. So, after driving all day, with a stop at Mary's in Strawn of course, they came and picked us up. We are only staying for a few days, but it's nice to get away and see family. We sure enjoy it! And what road trip is complete without some flower seeds and Stitch guarding over us? He hasn't left the car since basketball season ended. I like having him along.

Devin refused to be photographed at first. HELLO! Total drama queen. UGH...So I photographed the country side. But with dirty sensors and a dirty windshield, it didn't yield much. But you get the idea.

Getting a little stir crazy.

Devin too.So then I try again...Awww....my cutie!We arrived pretty late. Grabbed a bite to eat, thank you very much roommates! And then crashed. The rest of the images are from the next morning when we could see our surroundings. We are staying at the Blue Lake Lodge and if you can handle stairs, I would highly recommend it. Nice big place with plenty of room! We have 11 in our party and still have plenty of beds open. LOVE IT!

These two below arrived early for breakfast. Okay, not early. But before the other teenagers.Devin was calling The Bull Stop for the liquor order.SNOW! Other than this spot in the shade, it's only on the mountains in the view. Here's the back view of the cabin. Our bedroom is on the lower level to the right.Pretty place. But bring your own firewood. They didn't have much. And because of the burn ban, no firepit. But that's OK. We are still having fun. The pit they have it gas and not very good, but overall, we like the joint.They have a hot tub and a lookout deck. Pretty cool. Had a cup of coffee down there this morning.See, snow!I ventured over to the kids cabin that above the garage. It has a full kitchen and plenty of room as well. We are wireless here and they have cable. But we aren't watching TV much. Maybe a movie later? Something scary perhaps? ahhh...I found the other teenagers.Their view below.I'll be back on Wednesday and have sessions booked the rest of the week. Stay tuned for my SENIOR SPECIAL that starts Monday. I only take a few seniors per year, so spots fill up quickly, but there's till time to shoot your senior portrait!