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the one where the Idalou Wildcats go to state, AGAIN!

Idalou WildcatsThe Idalou Wildcats went to the State Tournament for the 4th time. WOW!

I realize I just got back from Austin and here I am again posting pictures from Austin, but HELLO! My kid's in Austin. So any chance I get, I go. The Wildcats gave me another chance again! I'm so proud of this team! They've gone to "the show" 4 years in a row. Holy Smokes! I know many successful communities take that for granted, but it's HUGE to get to the State Tournament. Sure you may come from an easy district, but you still have to perform, play hard, and work hard to get there.

Idalou got there!

Koal was the reason I was there.

I had my media pass from Sports Lubbock. Thank you, Brooks Family! And I had some of THE BEST seats in the house. Courtside. Yeah, Baby! It's honestly the only way I wanna watch a basketball game. Last weekend watching the girl's was fun, don't get me wrong, but it's hard sitting there without a camera and a great view.

Thank you, Todd + Emily! I wish we could have played more than one game. Hanging with you is always fun!

Love does,


Idalou WildcatsIt's always pretty quite back in the hallway by the locker rooms. They boys line up and watch the game that's playing before them. Idalou WildcatsWILDCAT LOGO, BABY!Idalou supports their team! This section stood most of the game.

Koal is a mouth player. He keeps his game face on, but always plays with this mouth. Most of the time his licker is sticking out. Makes for some pretty interesting photos. :)He played an AWESOME game! 21 points!I love this shot above! I put my camera with a wide angle lens on the floor. How cool does that look?!?! I love it Especially with UT's lights and banners hanging up. HELLO! These Wildcats made it to the SHOW!

It's a different perspective and I'm totally trying it at the Lady Pirate games next year. Problem there is I'm limited on space on the floor at the Pirate Gym. We are backed up against the wall just a few feet back from the base line. So, not sure how much of the environment I can get in the shot. But it's worth a shot. I'll try anything once.

Rich Clarkson, a photographer that has photographed the Final Four for 59 times had an article in SI that discussed this. That's where I got the idea. Thank you, Mr. Clarkson.

Koal and his tongue, playing some ball.Baby Brother, Kutter sure was upset they lost. He's been coming to this tourney as long as he can remember. Last year, I don't remember him crying. This year? The tears poured. He wanted his brother to win. Thank you, Houchin family! I had a blast! Thank you, Kutter...for being so utterly adorable!