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Sometimes with blogging, we only share the good. The things that make us happy. The things that make us proud. We rarely share the bad and the ugly. But ins't that part of the journey? I think the name of the movie was THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY. Right? Well, we had a little bit of that in our game against Estacado a week ago. UGH...that was a rough weekend in the Bednarz household. We lost a basketball game. And because we win so much of the time, (I know, humility) but because we do, it's hard when we lose! Very hard! (insert whiny voice and me banging my fists into the air) I haven't shared the images from that game on facebook or here on my blog. I realized I need to blog more of the Bad and the Ugly so I can remember that all parts of life are just that, a part of life. And if you are a Lady Pirate groupie, um, follower like me, then you know how the end of the game was. I don't have to go into detail because the Avalanche Journal already did. Several times. UGH...


It's all about GROWTH baby. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons.

Lesson learned.


Here we are! Start of the game! The refs were in good spirits and enjoying their jobs. I like that. It's probably a power trip, but still, he's a happy guy. Hopefully, he'll call a fair game and keep everyone happy. I seriously doubt it, but hey. It's worth a shot.

And their OFF! I love getting the jump shot at the beginning of every game!