when your friends...

look at you like this when your dancing, you must be dancing right.


I've been thinking about the new year. And the new possibilities of change. When you get older, it's hard to make changes. We have these "ruts" of our lives and we sink down deep into. even if they aren't good for us. It's just easier to stay in the ruts. You know?

Some folks right NY Resolutions. I used to and them broke them and felt like a failure.

So I haven't made very many goals for this year. Honestly, just a couple have come to mind.

  1. to handwrite a letter and mail it at least once a week.
  2. to read my bible more

The first one is easy with our big family. Instead of a birthday card I will mail a birthday letter. Or anniversary greeting. I better get started as I missed one family birthday, Bridgette's and my sister's anniversary. Tonight. Tonight I will.

I find that often. Another day starting and I haven't done what I wanted.

The computer calls and I'd rather be lost in the still image then lost in my goals.

The rut of work is deeper than the goal of learning something new. Of carving a new rut.

The second one, to read my bible more? It's sort of a selfish goal. To read something and comprehend it is a hard challenge for me. My mind tends to wander. So have to get really quiet. And alone.

Then I can open HIS word and soak it all in. And like many others, I can't do this at a certain time each day. If it happens and it's in the morning GREAT. But most of the time, it differs. Most of the time, it's skipped.

I'm dreaming of a warm days on my front porch rocking chair reading. But who am I fooling? I've got a puppy that whines and barks if she's not in the same room with me. Yeah. Rocking on the front porch? That ain't happening.

But if I remember that THESE GOALS too can become ruts, I should be able to carve the time.

Ruts are deep but if we look up and jump high, we can get out of them and carve new ruts.

Here's to ruts.