Melissa + Kevin, the wedding


Oh, Lord! Look at that bling! I seriously didn't want to give it back. Don't worry, I did! But it was so so pretty. I even had to polish my fingerprint off the dang thing before handing it back to Melissa.

Yes. The ring belongs to Melissa. Kevin gave it to her when he asked her to marry him. And yesterday, they got married!!!!! He even added a band. HELLO! My kind of man! A band?!??! In addition to the AMAZING diamond, he gave her a band. Oh, and a bible! With a sweet note. Oh, and handwritten vows. Yep. They exchanged hand written vows that almost included the words "sassy".

Lots of "Oh's", lots of friends, and so much love.

Enjoy the sneak peek!

It started at Divulge. Does anyone reading this go there? It was my first time, but I liked the place. And the girl above? Lexi? It was her birthday. She was headed to Dallas to celebrate, but first, Melissa's hair.

Lots of smiles!

LOVE this shot of the veil. They are sooooooooo much fun to play with while we are waiting for beauty to take it's course. A wedding at FUMC Bowman Chapel.

It was such a lovely day and such a lovely chapel.

The ring above is super tiny and super sweet. It belonged to Kevin's grandmother.

The one bridesmaid, Abigail, Melissa's daughter. And below pretty flowers that smelled so good.

so so good.White the groom put the finishing touches on his card to his bride, Greyson loaded his nerf gun.So many wonderful moments go on during the day. You know she's a good friend when she points out the food in your teeth.Abigail, still has the ring! Mom + daughter. LOVE this!

And Melissa, what were we saying about your eyes? Your gorgeous golden brown eyes? You are so so lovely. The light kissing you on your golden day. I adore these photos below!

EYES OPEN!!!And gorgeous red shoes!

The shoes above? Those are Abigail's. She wore red as well.

Kevin helps Greyson get dressed. But the socks? Greyson's got that all on his own. :)Kevin gave the kids presents too.

Nice guy, this Kevin.

HA! The groom's parents.And it's ceremony time! I love this image of the guests watching the arrival of the bride!This was a beautiful moment. A new family.Below, Greyson is checking out his new pocket watch from Kevin.

The reception was held at the Hillcrest Country Club. The guest danced and dined and enjoyed each other's company.And cake! We can't forget Cake!!!I have anew favorite ring shot. LOVE THIS!

Great wedding!

You can view more from their sneak peek on their wedding gallery. CLICK HERE and use the couple's last names, lowercase, smushed together.

Congratulations you two!