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Caprock Tournament Day 2, we beat Tascosa

Can you even call it that? It was more of a "beating". Don't get me wrong. They played hard. Maybe a little too hard? They were tough, but couldn't shoot worth a poop and we killed them point wise. Summer is still out. GOSH, how much longer! It's killing her. Totally killing her. It's stir crazy madness all the time she's at home and torment for not being able to help when she does go to a game. Think about sitting in a dark room doing nothing except hearing books read aloud to you. That's it. Lots of down time and lots of anguish at the "not knowing" when she can play again. I haven't even begun to think about her being back at school. How? How can she sit in a classroom with kids, walk the hall with kids talking, pushing, bouncing around? Kids make noise. They move. It's just part of high school. She needs quiet, stillness to rest the brain that's been bruised. How can she absorb any learning and retain it long enough to be graded? So many questions. So many concerns. If you are reading this, will you please pray for her? For us? For her coach and teachers. That they will understand what she is going through?

Okay, enough pity pot, let's show you some BASKETBALLPICTURES!!!

The team watching Tascosa run out for the game. I love all the energy in this shot. They are checking out each girl and you can almost hear the thoughts in their heads.Lady Pirate Alum, Kirstie Edwards and Stan "the Man". Both my girls have trained under him. Nice guy. Passionate about sports!Fans in the stands always help!

These girls were quick, just not that great at ball handling.

But I will say this. They never stopped. They kept up the speed, the pace the entire game, despite being behind the entire game.


When you have a camera, people respond. These guys were yelling "cheese" at me and laughing. People generally like having their picture taken. This lady below?


She yelled the entire game!!! Oh, my! I realize as parents, we love to watch our kids. But she didn't even yell at one kid. She yelled at EVERYONE on the court!

Sarah, I got your first 3 pointer as a VARSITY PLAYER!!!

BOOM!And the crowds response was positive.Love these Lady Pirates!!!!