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it's Caprock Tournament Time | Lady Pirates play Lubbock High

And the Lady Pirates kicked things off this morning with a win! They beat Lubbock High in the opening game of the Caprock Tournament. WOO HOO! I love this time of year! You can find a basketball game somewhere almost anytime in some gym in Lubbock. It's AWESOME!

And it's for a good cause as well. Besides the sport of basketball, the competition, it's a fundraiser for AMBUCS which allows them to fulfill their mission of creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. It's been every year for 54 years! WOW!

Bridget was back, feeling better, and playing strong, but Summer is still suffering from her concussion. So you will see her in the photos below with sunglasses on, but she hasn't been released, so no game. We are hoping one more week of healing, and then maybe released? Just keep praying. And taking it one day at a time.

2 girls today got pulled up from JV to help the Varsity out. WOO HOO! Shout out to Avery and Sarah from the Lady Pirates JV team! Exciting for those girls!!!

The play again tomorrow, not sure of the time. But just go to www.everythinglubbock.com for more details.