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the one where the Lady Pirates beat Frenship in OT

I'm catching up! Stay tuned for even MORE Lady Pirate photos!

Last week, we played Frenship at home and had a beautiful sunset to escort us into the arena. At this point Summer Zoe had a concussion and was practicing and playing. We had no idea. She was complaining some of headaches but thought they were from allergies with all the dust and wind flying around these parts of the world. So, we didn't think much of it.

Now Frenship is always a good team to play, but we've beaten them before and honestly felt this would be a game that would come easy. NO. They came out FIRED UP and ready to play! It was quite frightening to look up and see the Lady Pirates behind by 8 points. I was screaming way more than shooting and quickly realized that things could go south FAST.

3rd quarters are proving to be our downfall. We are slow starters. I'm thinking instead of going to the locker room for the coach's mid game pep talk, what about a quick job around the outside of each gym to keep the blood moving. No?

We came back in the 4th to tie up the score and we pulled out the win in OT. Thank you, Lord!

Here's a quick sneak peek from the game with more images on the Pirate Gallery. CLICK HERE and use the passcode pirates2013 to access images.