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Feeling a bit unfocused? So many things to think about and do? HA! I fired off this bad boy the other day before realizing my lens was set to manual focus. I kinda liked the way it looked. The way it made me think. So, let me introduce you to one of the coolest families on the planet.

The Coll Family

Now I first met them in 2006. And then Ashton, the pretty one in the scarf, started photographing and we quickly became friends. They wanted some recent family pictures taken because the dynamics of their family changed drastically when they lost their mom. All families change with time, just other's completely change! As did theirs. So we met this weekend during that crazy storm and again Saturday morning. They were in town for Miss McCall's Graduation!!! BAM!

Dad, Eric, had me in almost tears for much of the session. I had to toss a few blurry images from shaking and laughing. He has the BEST EVER GAY VOICE and body language I seriously thought I would pee my pants. I can still hear him now. In my head as I edit these. He's such a great dad to these young adults.

HELLO! When scrolling through the images below, just check out thecurly hair on these bad boys! LOVE Seriously, LOVE.

Love does,