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Turkey Day 2012

If you follow me on Instagram, then you've seen my lovely display of sleeping beauties. I mean it was the least I could do, right? You snooze, you lose? LOL

I'm nursing a cold this Turkey Week, but while getting my new Honda serviced, I edited a few pictures from our Turkey Day. I'm a horrible photographer. We spent the day with IdaLee and I didn't take one photograph of her. I should be shot. In fact, the way I feel right now head wise? That may help. I will for sure take her photo during Christmas. FOR SURE!!!!

Here's the kiddos, for now instead.

We celebrated the Turkey at David and Davida's. Jason and Emily were here for a bit and we enjoyed our time with them! Lots of game playing, laying around, football watching, movie watching...ALL OF THE GOOD STUFF!!!

I also have my Miss Marie home for the week! I LOVE THAT!

And if you are looking for basketball photos? I'm not posting much here. I'm keeping them on facebook. That's where the kids like to tag themselves and see them anyway, so I thought I would save them the trouble. I'm sure if I have words to add to the mix, I'll blog a few games, but for now? Family pictures will have to do.




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