the one where Maggie + Logan get married in Odessa, Texas

Right off the bat I'm going to show you are "bad butt" selves so you will understand just how cool Toni + I are together. We are HOT! We bring "sexy back" and anything else you can think of that screams ULTRA COOL PHOTOGRAPHERS. Mostly we make fool of ourselves and take kick ass pictures. I'm not in denial one bit about the fact that I'm old, I have wrinkles, I know how to dance, and I take good photographs. So, THERE. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Remember when I told you I left my computer in Odessa? Well, here's the wedding I photographed. Maggie + Logan. Be sure and scroll through the many here on the blog and of course I posted more on their website online. CLICK HERE and type in the bride and groom's last names, lower case, smushed together. For example, Jane Doe married John Smith. Their password would be doesmith.


We gave the "New Kids one the Block" haircut a thumbs up. Yes. The boy was trendy! We went to lunch with the bride + maids and had a great time!See maids. And something you should know about Maggie. She's REAL. Totally emotional and not afraid to show it. And I'm only guessing, but she really couldn't care less what strangers think about her, only her family and friends, because that's the ones that matter. I LOVED photographing her!!!!

HELLO! Logan picks them well, don't you think?

Me in action. Thats what's great about Toni+Me. I get awesome pictures of myself from behind, the side, etc Lovely, really. Grandma saying goodbye to the flower girl. LOVE.Beautiful flowers!!! I think Bloom did the wedding flowers. I could not find their website. I know! I know! Next time get a business card. Gorgeous lace on the bride's gown!And the gorgeous gown! Yes. I shared this yesterday, but I don't care. It's worthy of a double appearance, don't you think?

Okay, THIS is the groom's gift.


A guitar.

How cool is Maggie?!?!??!?!And I adored the MOB's dress!!! Way cool movement and it looked AMAZING on her!!!This bunch laughs.

ALOT.I have more pictures of all the rings, but I loved this one of just their matching wedding bands. Not sure what's going on here. These girl's gave it, I took it.See? Maybe this is interaction? Below is the groom's sister, Molly.LOLDad popped in to check on things.Maggie gave the girls matching shirts with their names. Reminded me of Ag Girls minus the skirts. Or was that FFA?

Logan hand wrote a 3 page letter for Maggie and also burned the edges and then, get this... WAXED AND SEALED THAT LOVE LETTER UP LIKE A KNIGHT IN SHING ARMOR!!!! I fell in love with the dude immediately. HELLO! What a romantic!!!!Maggie loved it!!!See? Here's Mr. Romance now.

Enjoying his groom's gift.HOT

Okay, while I was hanging with the girls, Toni was hanging with the boys. It helps tremendously to have 2 shooters if you have large parties. Pre-formals were a breeze and we had tons of time to spare. So Logan got to play that guitar for his guys and anyone else that wanted to listen. I want Kate Spade's logo. How cute is that?I swear Maggie is wearing shorts. It's just she's tiny and her shirt if big.She has 2 sisters that are so much fun to photograph as well. Gorgeous as well! The were married at First Untied Methodist Church. Love me some Methodist's Churches! They build 'em pretty. Oh, Ella! Oh, Ella! You are beautiful. So. So. So adorable!!!! I think i was talking to her about puppies or kittens or something. Not sure, but I was definitely smitten!Beautiful girls! Beautiful day!I love formals that aren't stuffy. Show each other how you feel and you'll love this image forever!!LOVE LOVE LOVEBlair is expecting. I had to showcase that belly!Because from the front or back, you can't tell she's preggo.While we were shooting pretty pictures, here's what the guys were doing.

I know I showed this image yesterday, but I love it so!!!Toni was shooting the processional and I stayed back with these two emotional kin folks. The 10 minutes or so waiting for the walk down the aisle were ELECTRIC. Totally charged with all sorts of emotions. Nerves. Smiles. Tears. You name it, these two hit it in the course of 10 minutes!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

And the one below on the left? It just seemed fitting...I'm pretty sure Logan was crying. Yep. Biting that lip didn't fool me. The boy's in love!

SOAPBOX: Dear church coordinators that don't allow photographer's to be down front to get shots. I love you, you are my brother/sister in Christ. And yes, I understand there are idiot photographers out there in the world. And yes, I can manage to get the shot besides the fact you make it extremely difficult by keeping me in the far back of the sanctuary. But could you please, please, give us some sort of photography test? Or maybe hold our Credit Card until after the ceremony? Charge us a deposit that says we will be cool, unobtrusive, SOMETHING. But please reconsider letting photographers who are PROFESSIONAL handle themselves accordingly to get the shot? Please?

Off soapbox.Mom's hand on Logan during the prayer.Dad doing his job. And very well, I might add.So darn CUTE.And he likes her. I think he likes her. Maggie, Logan thinks you are sexy. I can feel it. :)HA! Yes, she was moved during their vows. But honestly, she had a runny nose BEFORE her vows. Cry a little, run a lot. Rings!!!!THE KISS!!!!

Mr. and Mrs.!!!!!!Immediately after the ceremony, they went around the corner to wait for the guests to leave. Of course I followed them!!!!And then back in for some professional portraits. After all, we are dressed up and all.YUM




The reception was at the Odessa Country Club. They met guests on the veranda and had cocktail hour outdoors. It was GORGEOUS!

And the room?

the cake?

the flowers?

the tables?

GORGEOUS as well.I think these two are having fun!See? Below? GORGEOUS!Maggie has a classic down home feel to her, all beauty and inside you just know she'll be a kick ass friend to hang out with. You can feel it when you see her smile. :)Okay, here's where I fell in love with Logan all over again.

He danced the perfect first dance.

He snuggled.

He dipped her.

He kissed her.

He twirled her.


Then she danced with her dad.And mom cried. :)And then Logan grabbed HIS MOM and...Twirled her as well! LOVE LOVE LOVENow, party time!!!!

Toni and I had so much fun! This bunch was fun to work with, fun to celebrate with, just plain fun. Good people in Odessa, Texas.
Thank you Maggie + Logan and families. Thank you!