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the one with the Kitten Boys and their dogs

These faces are the cutest! They will hate me for saying that, but I simply can't resist. They are the Kitten Boys and I've known them forever. I even photographed Blane's senior portrait. I'm in LOVE with his curls! I'm sure a few girls are as well, but we didn't talk girlfriends. We had our hands full with Hayes. LORD that boy can gabber!

We wanted pictures for Christmas, but also for Kash, since he's graduating from LCHS this year. And since it's harvest time, yep...you guessed it. We ended up in some cotton. Some very pretty cotton. And since Kash rides bikes with motors, I had to photograph him in his POWER RANGER look-a-like wardrobe getting dirty. The should up his chick magnet factor by at least 20. Girls, he's a keeper!

Love does,