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the one with senior night at volleyball, PINK OUT


I can't believe I forgot to wear pink!

The Lady Pirates played their last home game of the season last night, against Estacado Matadors. And they won! And they honored each senior before the game. I always have to drag myself away from home sometimes, especially when the fall arrives. I'm editing away and the idea of leaving my comfy house is not always what I want to do. But then, when I get there I'm so glad I'm there! And last night was no exception!

Coach Pesterfield is graduating 9 seniors. NINE! Holy smokes! And each was escorted by their parents through the skull's jaws and the emcee read some cool things that was prepared by each girl. I enjoyed hearing about their favorite moments playing volleyball and even more, I was throughly blessed by the underclassman that were presenting the girls with their gifts. It was pretty emotional at times, and just a reminder of all the good kids we have in THE PIRATE NATION. Makes me proud when I see kids coming together, supporting each other and enjoying each other!

Way to go Lady Pirates!

We also crowned a Miss LCHS Pink Out? Is that what we did? I'm sorry if I'm botching this to death and back, but apparently some of the males in the Pirate Nation competed to win a title that involves some talent, some personality, and hairy legs, I'm told. They announced the winners before the game and as you are scrolling through these images, you'll see what I'm talking about. FUN for sure!

Continued success, volleyballers as you end your season and start PLAYOFFS! May you go far!!!