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The one where we visit Kalyn in Austin


We took Devin to Austin. He wanted to see where Kalyn was living, The Dobie Center and I wanted to see my baby. Summer wanted to get away as well, so off our little family went! It was the last road trip in "bling bling" my 2005 Yukon XL. We didn't know that at the time. We were not planning on getting a new car, but "bling bling" was. I'll post more on that later, but for now? Let's talk AUSTIN!

When we take road trips where someone else is driving, I bring magazines. They are the perfect "keep the driver awake" companion. I get to read articles and see pretty pictures, and share my thoughts with the driver. It's a "win win". I've tried editing while I road trip and I get car sick. Not a good idea.

Now, in another corner of Texas, while we were driving into Austin, my niece, Brooke Bednarz was being crowned Prosper's Homecoming Queen! How cool is that?!?!? And hello! I'm so mad I couldn't be there!!!! But my daughter trumps my niece, so off to Austin I go. But how cool is it that because of Instagram we can find things out right away!??!

Congrats, Brooke and we love you!!! When you are crowned Miss America, I'll so be there!!! And Jason? No green Prosper tye? What's wrong with you?



Back to our trip.

Kalyn joined a sorority, Alpha Delta Phi. She loves it! And they were having a Parent's Weekend which is another good excuse to go on an Austin Road trip! Friday night was a dinner at The Salt Lick, which is wonderful! We really enjoyed ourselves, after we found the place. HELLO! I'd been so busy that week that I didn't read the email with the directions. Yep. I'm THAT mom.

The atmosphere was great! The food was good and they even had a country band!

PERFECT! We had a really good time!



After dinner, we took Devin to South Congress to have some of Amy's Ice Cream.

Why do we do this to ourselves? The boy is not good at making food decisions. He stresses. He wants the BEST, but something he will enjoy too. So it stresses him out. We all shared and everything turned out OK, but those minutes before he ordered? Not fun. It can be a such a mood crusher.

We then needed to walk the streets of Congress just to work off the sweet feeling. I snapped a few pictures.


Next day? We headed to Kalyn's dorm. Her ADPi house was hosting a Tailgating party for the parents and girls and we needed a place to park for the game later. Her dorm was perfectly between everything. And the parents get to eat free. HELLO! We should. We pay the bills. LOL

I haven't told you about the hotel situation. I'm married to a cheap German. A guy that just opened a liquor store and is saving his pennies until the deal pays off. So, translated that means there's no way in hell I can get us a room close to Kalyn's dorm without forking over $300+ a night, so we were 7 miles up I35 at the Ramada in a $75 a night room. HELLO! Sketchy at best, but there's strength in numbers so I felt we should be OK. And we were. But the beds were FULL SIZE.

Have you met my husband?

Yeah. Great night of sleeping, let me tell you!


But we survived and we were together. So we didn't care.


I didn't take photos at the ADPi house. It felt weird to pull out my phone in front of all those parents. Instead we oooohed and awwwwed and got very excited for this little world that Kalyn is now a part of! It's a good place for her. And they gave us sandwiches, bottled water and cookies.

You heard me tip "bottled water" right? For a tailgating? Yep. I understand. Let's not get mom and dad drunk. So instead, we walked to the nearest bar to work on that.


LOVE this photo of my girls! We were hot and tired from walking. They just fell onto the nearest sofa.



We walked 2 miles up for our cheap seats at the top. The top is for the BEST BABY! And the view was THE BEST! The blisters on our feet? Not so crazy about those. But we did have a good time. Despite the loss. HELLO! They honestly should have won that game. But I wasn't yelling much. We were in the middle of the WV Mountaineers for most of the game. Yeah. That navy and yellow section to the north east? That was us. LOL


Kalyn had her seats down below. Maybe by that A in Texas Above. Not sure. But here's a shot of us in the cheap seats.


I don't have many pictures of after. I was walking and walking and walking some more. We grabbed some food and crashed back at sketchy motel. Then we went to mass the next morning and grabbed some grub.

It was time for goodbye. Not fun, but necessary. And after spending 48 hours with us in cramped quarters about 1/2 the size of her dorm room, I'm sure she was ready for some stretching out.

We had fun! And I hope we can make the trek again sometime! LOVE that city!

Love that girl!


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