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The one where I recover an ironing board

Okay, I'm a HUGE blog reader! HUGE! I need to stop so I can actually finish a real book, but I'm addicted recently to what I fondly refer to as "house blogs". You know the ones. Cute folks that craft and do crazy DIY things? And then they take fabulous photos of them and post them to their blogs. Yep. That's the ones.

So, a few month ago, I was at Hobby Lobby and found some really cute fabric. It was intended to cover the space behind my TV. But instead it sat in my office drawer looking all cute every time I searched for the scotch tape. Our laundry room has an ironing board that came with a blah cover. And then I did a project years ago that left some sticky stuff on the board. So every time I would iron, it just looked awful and not very appealing. Like ironing is EVER appealing, but you get the idea.

So, I recovered the board and actually photographed it so I could be a DIY Blogger! HA! I'm sure Home Depot will come calling for an ad in my side bar. LOL


Cool shot of the sink in here, huh? This is the reason for the fabric. Oh, and must explain this hot mess below.

I spilled Devin's tool set and have no idea how to get it all back in the case. So, here it sits. In a cute bowl.FINISHED PRODUCT!

I suck at the taking steps while doing the project.


But she's pretty!!! Want to read a few of the blogs I follow?
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