The one where Kelsey is crowned Queen

I survived Homecoming 2012!!!! I'll admit it. It wasn't perfect. PERFECT would be us winning. And that didn't happen. Yep. Cooper lost their Homecoming game against Andrews last night. But not without a good fight and a good crowning. I showed up on the scene a few minutes late. I had to bargain my way in the gate because I forgot my cash. Thank you Mr. Reese for giving me the "go". I appreciate it!

I show up and see these two little cuties all shined up and ready for their jobs. My heart flip flopped!!!! ADORABLE!!!!


I quickly made my rounds and tried to photograph most of the candidates with their parents. These were my favorite images from last year when Kalyn was a member of the Homecoming Court. (thank you Kenda!) And it goes by in such a flash, I know these families will appreciate them as well.


Miss Payton looked AMAZING! I've known the Hurst family forever. Payton, Kalyn and Summer Zoe went to school together at St. Joseph School. I used to keep her after school "back in the day". So, there's a place in my heart for this sweet girl!

And look how much she has grown!!!!

The parents get to walk the candidate in front of the stadium while they play on the big screen, a small snippet of the candidate talking about "what's special or motivating to her. It's pretty cool and many times, very emotional for the parents. It's one of my favorite parts of the ceremony!


Can you tell the night was windy?When it came time to introduce the top 5, they played Payton on the big screen and of course she was talking about Kelsey and how much her friendship meant to her. Needless to say, anyone that's know this bunch of friends for very long, soon had tears in their eyes. Including me! It was pretty emotional. It was emotional for Payton as well. Everything has happened so fast for this bunch of friends! But it's a time to celebrate! And after some encouraging words from family, friends and teachers, the show went on!

Susan Hart, Homecoming Queen 2011 was on hand to crown this years Queen!And the winner is...Kelsey!!!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Queen Angie on her throne!ADORABLE!!!!I have pictures of these two at football games for years. LOVE them! But I seriously had to beg for this one. LOVE YOU TWO!!!!Okay, tell me this one melts your heart?!?! This is the last year for Mrs. Tabor and Mr. Tabor to throw this shing-ding. The ceremony, the dance, all of it, they have their hand involved. MUCH THANKS!!!!Time to play some football. Afterall, that's why we are here.

Happy Homecoming EVERYONE!