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Homecoming 2012 continued with a fabulous Mardi-gras themed Pep Rally on Friday. I always enjoy Cooper's Pep Ralley's, as our school and cheer squad go ALL OUT in decorating and setting the theme. And we needed a little celebration!!! HELLO!

It's weird to be celebrating Cooper Homecoming without Kalyn. I keep comparing everything from this year to her Senior year. The first part of every school year is rapid crazy fast, and it's a roller coaster ride that lasts ALL year long for the seniors. Emotional moments that surround the "LAST TIMES" for everything. It's just crazy! Some of it scary, most of it FUN.

Here's a few (yipes...almost 100) pictures from yesterday's pep rally to start your morning. Next? GAME NIGHT and the crowning of the Queen!

Love does,



See what I mean about "all out"? I don't think people realize that this isn't bought from a party shop. This is hand crafted just for the Pep Rally. It's for COOPER, baby. Fantastic job, Cheerleaders!!!!Love Allyssa face in this one! When our band gets to playing it's INTENSE! You can't help but feel it and dance to beats!!!

My basketball girls!!! So excited about the season this year! Yes, I love me some Cooper Football, but NOTHING beats the court, baby. LOVE the Lady Pirates!!!! Pretty girls!


Here's your TOP 5

  • Kelsey Ruble
  • Payton Hurst
  • Kelsey Odom
  • Amanda Sparks
  • Hannah Cleavland

Okay, you have to know Gigi. Do you?

I first met Gigi when Summer cheered back in Junior High. Folks, NO ONE HAS MORE ENERGY FOR CHEERLEADING than this woman. I'm not kidding. I was across the court on the visitor side and could spot her in the crowd jamming to our Pirate band! I crossed the room to photograph this woman. SHE ROCKS!!!!

The boy in read Nike sweatshirt below? Anyone know him? LOVE his face in this series!!! The cheer squad was tossing mardi gras beads into the crowd.I'm so putting the shot below on facebook so folks can tag their selves. Go Pirates!!!Here's Kesley. I blogged asking for prayers earlier last week. I spoke with her mom at the pep rally yesterday and she updated me a bit. As much as you can update someone when a band is playing inches from your heads and you are SCREAMING into each other's ears. LOL

Kelsey has a type of leukemia that is not common in young girls. Most older people get it. Apparently its a good kind of cancer to get, if there is such a thing. Meaning, no, it can't ever be cured, however, it does go into remission. I didn't get the technical name, but Kelsey getting this is extremely rare. Something like less than 1% or what have you. I swear she needs to buy a lottery ticket, with those kind of odds she's bound to hit something.

She is opting for chemo. In a pill form. When I reading about leukemia, (we had a very good friend who was diagnosed recently) most older people do not opt for treatment if it can't improve their quality of life. Meaning, treatment makes you feel pretty darn crappy. It has to. I mean, it's killing off crap in your blood and body. So, how can you feel good. Unless it was killing off my fat lazy cells, then I'm sure this momma would feel pretty darn good.

BUT to get back on track, when you are young and vibrant and on the edge of your life beginning, you crave and need remission. Remission is the breaks in life when you feel good. Healthy. I look at her below in this shot. When they announced her name, the room when WILD. people clapped and cheered and screamed! I even let out a "woo hoo". Hard not, too. She had to feel the love in that room. I hope she felt the love in that room.

Okay, I'll admit something everyone is thinking. It's tough being around someone who might die. Or who is sick. It's tough for Kelsey, for her friends, for her family. And for those that aren't close to her. I mean, death is a serious thing. It's scary. No one young likes to think about it. And you wonder how to behave. What to say? How to act? Her being diagnosed changes EVERYTHING. I'm guilty of not knowing what to say many times in my life. I fumble for words. But sometimes, just looking someone in the eye and smiling is all anyone ever needs. You know? So, please, when you are around someone sick, handicapped, dying, don't shy away or change directions or avoid them.

Just look them in the eye and smile.

Most of all, CELEBRATE them. Celebrate LIFE.

Homecoming is all about fashion baby! I loved looking at all the pretty dresses! From what I could see. HELLO! Mums are HUGE. And the heels? Oh, Lord! I'm not sure how those girls walked! But it was so much fun watching all the fashion!!!! I wish we could have a Joan River's red carpet moment. You know? Where they walk by the paparazzi and we ask what they are wearing and all. How fun! I definitely had my favorites!!!

Love people who totally get into things. This guy below? I don't think he wastes a moment of not getting into things. No?

It was loud, and I'm sure scary for some. But how cute are these two?!?!?Congratulations to all the Homecoming Candidates!!!!

Much love!!!!