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the one with Lubbock Cooper Senior 2013, Bailee


How gorgeous is she!

I can't quit looking at those puppy-dog eyes. They totally pull you in!

Tuesday night, I photographed Bailee, Lubbock Cooper Senior 2013. My first of the year!!! Can I get a WOO HOO! I can't believe these babies are graduating! NO WAY! I've known Bailee since Summer Zoe was in 7th grade. Bailee's a grade above and I started photographing her when she cheered. Such a pretty girl!

Thank you Bailee for choosing me as your Senior Photographer. I LOVED photographing you! Oh, and remember that last location? Yep. I left my shoot sac out there in the field ALL NIGHT LONG.


Everything was fine, including my iPhone. Dumb moment #1035 for me, if you're counting.

Love does,