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the one with glasses by Warby Parker

Warby Parker came into my life. Where has HE been? Let me explain.

I started wearing reading glasses.

"Cheaters", I call them. And I have two pairs, because when you start wearing glasses, you aren't exactly used to them. So, you leave them everywhere and can never seem to find them. I've trained myself pretty well. A pair by my computer and a pair in my purse. It works. But the pairs don't seem to last very well and they seem to get scratched in my purse pretty darn easily.

Enter Warby Parker. (just click the photo to access their website)

I had read about them in magazines, on photography forums, and they are basically the TOMS of the glasses world. PLUS, they have wicked cool style at a semi-reasonable price. So, I did their service where you choose 5 pairs to try on at home and then mail them back. Helps decide what frames look good on you.

Here's my 5. Let me know what you think.



I think I have my favorite, but now that I look at these photos, which is an awful experience in and of itself, by the way, I changed my mind. Funny how images work that way. Whatever the case, COMPLETE nerd comes to mind. I need my pocket protector and a few pens. Lord.

Comment if you like and let me know.