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How cute are these two?

I spent the weekend in Austin working and playing. Of course! You can't go to Austin and not play!!! We arrived late Friday, so it was just Summer and I because Kalyn was at an ADPi slumber party and not available. Fine by us. We were tired from the week's events, which I will share soon, and we just needed food and rest. That meant a quick jaunt down Congress to Home Slice of course! Ever been? I highly recommend this place for some quick easy grub. PIZZA that is to die for! Great crust, great flavor and great toppings! Sure, we ate curb side because of the crowd, but so much of Austin is experienced outdoors so I didn't mind at all.


I didn't mind it so much that I took Shawn + Jessica there for a quick bit between locations while we were playing shooting. You can view their website HERE. If you like pizza, this is the place to go. It's easy. You walk up, you order and they call your name, you chow. Pretty good in my book. And it's on the low end of hurting your pocket book. BIG slices for under $4.

After my engagement session was over, I picked up the kids and yes, I ate again. Hello. It's vacation, right? We tried that burger joint on Congress that everyone is talking about.


A M A Z I N G !

I orderd the Buffalo Bill, Kalyn the Lalano Poblano and Summer Zoe, The Goodnight. All 3 were most excellent and the fries, yummy as well. This is a bit more on the pocketbook but a great atmosphere and fun place to be. We were eating and discussing Kalyn's activities and the family next to us, over heard the words "mass" and we all met and discussed the priests on campus, at the UCC that Kalyn attends. We were planning on going the next morning, so as a Mom this only made me feel good to hear the words from another family there in Austin.

See the thing is, Austin is cool. Very cool. But sometimes it feels a little weird. Okay, let's face it, ALOT weird. And weird is OK, don't get me wrong, but it can be scary at times too. But once you realize that we are all individuals UNDER GOD and created by him? Even if all the individuals don't believe in Him, all were created out of unbelievable love. And He loves ALL those individuals, and we should, too. And it helps if you simply look people in the eye. That's when we honestly feel connected as humans. All humans. It's in the eyes, folks. In the eyes.

So, after chowing down at Hopdoddy's, we picked up Eric, fellow Cooper boy and went out for dessert. YUM.

And where else but Austin's famous icecream, Amy's. Right? It was nice to sit down and chat about everything these two kids have been up to. We also strolled Congress. I didn't take very many photos, but theres so much to see and be amazed by. I mean check out all the colored underwear for those that want to reflect a mood of the day. HELLO! Very cool!

It was close to dark when we realized that we needed to make Saturday night plans and we got to talking about the Alamo Draft House. Ever been? OMGOSH! If you haven't, you should. So much fun! The 4 of us drove in the bug, bought the tickets and had a BLAST! Our show was the Boy Band Sing Along. We had props, food, beer and friends. What else could a girl want in Austin? I had never experienced anything like it, and neither had my group, so when the music started and we noticed others in the theatre standing up to dance, we took one look at each other and jumped right in! BEST WORKOUT EVER! So there we were, 4 kids really, dancing in a theatre in Austin to 98 degrees, and Backstreet Boys, drawing bad boy band hair on our faces and squirting each other with water bottles all while dancing our BUTTS off and wailing at the top of our lungs!

So much fun!

And a great memory!


We crashed after that and the next morning? Breakfast and mass an then all that driving.

I'm so proud of my baby girl, Kalyn for leaving home and going to school in Austin. She's doing so good and having so much fun, AND LEARNING a bit about Radio, Film and TV. Afterall, that's the goal, right? To learn?

I love you Kalyn Marie!

Until next time...


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