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I love these faces! How cute are these two? It was funny. Last night, several of Jack's friends thought Summer was his girlfriend. OHMGEE! How funny! See, we are in Prosper today visiting the family before we head down to Austin later today. Summer had a doctor's appointment yesterday and we want to visit University of Dallas today. But someone is still sleeping as I type this, so hello! Momma's gotta get that girl moving.

I've been wanting to watch sweet Brooke play basketball for years! And it just never worked because my kids play and my kids trump my niece. UGH...horrible choice to have to make. But last night she had a couple of games in the off-season fall league. I was so there! With my camera! And my big lens!

And then, get there and find out there is NO ROOM around the long sides of the court. I was forced to sit in the stands on one end, while the girls sat opposite. UGH...

But you make do and your just so dang excited to capture this girl moving! AWESOME job, Brooke! Maybe I can come again during the REAL season. Best wishes on an AWESOME Senior Year!



To view more photos from the game, CLICK HERE and use the passcode "brooke".

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