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Oh, lord. Check outside your window, because PIGS ARE FLYING! I'm completely caught up on reprints. As of tonight, all reprint orders have been shipped, burned, mailed, delivered, etc. FINISHED. It feels good. I still have several weddings to finish editing, a few albums to put together and a few other sessions to complete editing, but getting all the reprints out the door feels good. It feels like the rest is possible. I've been behind since JUNE. JUNE people!!! I guess, senior kid, graduation, games, prom, weddings, trips out of town...HELLO! My life has been insane. And it's been very hard to juggle it.

But I am. I'm juggling.

Life keeps throwing me more balls to juggle though. One thing after another keeps hitting me in the head, I pick it up and add it to my juggle. I smile. I breathe. I bitch. I moan. And then I start juggling the balls again. I have to. We all have balls to juggle.

I think I shared it here on this blog I love, but back before Kalyn's senior year, last July. I had to go back to work at our video store. And I didn't go easy. Not one bit. I kicked and bitched and moaned. Ask Devin (the hubs), I was not what one would call a "happy woman". I didn't want to work there. I wanted to have more free time this year. Go to everything I could with Kalyn. Be a part of her life and enjoy her senior year. And I did. But I was tired the ENTIRE year from juggling both jobs and carving family time, social time, senior time.

We've had the movie store since before we were married. And the last two years it hasn't really made any money. It's broke even at times, sometimes NOT. So last year we made plans to ride it out until we could get it converted to a liquor store. You know, apply for our TABC license and start really making plans to become "The Bull Stop". I knew it would take lots of time, money and planning. And it did. Did I say time? I won't bore you with all the details, but somehow we've done it and now that the Bull Stop is open and doing well, I feel like I've got a part of my life back.

Sort of.

But it's not the same life.

Kalyn's gone.

You see, life is what happens when you are making plans. We made plans. Opened a store and life happened.

I'm heading out of town this weekend to photograph an engagement session and to see Kalyn. I'll be back on Sunday? Jessica! (one of my 2013 brides) I'll see you Saturday in Austin. If you are reading this, please know how incredibly excited I am to be photographing a "love session" in one of my favorite Texas towns. Please know that without my clients, without the families, the babies, the love sessions, the sexy me sessions, the seniors, the brides, the weddings, I could not have made it through the last year!!! Please know, that despite my bitching and moaning, I wouldn't change a dang thing, because then I would be changing a part of my life, a part of what I love.

Yes,I was incredibly busy, but we all are. And we all are dealing with a lot. Struggling, surviving, juggling.

You hear me wax poetic about the STILL IMAGE a lot here on this blog, on forums, on facebook. I believe in the STILL IMAGE. Life moves so dang fast and changes so much, that having the STILL IMAGE in our lives, shows us that we do indeed have those moments of stillness where we are still US. Still YOU. Still ME. Surviving, juggling, celebrating, etc. I adore the STILL IMAGE.

I think a big part of why I love it so is the escape it gives me from everyday life. The STILL IMAGES I make help me juggle all those balls I have in the air, better. While I was shooting, those balls stay in the air and freeze. LITERALLY. I feel like I can breathe when I'm shooting. And it felt so good to be doing something for just me. ME. Me and my still image, chase that light little photography business. I hope I can always chase the light, share the still image and juggle those balls.

Love does,








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