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the one where I show a soft, pretty ceiling at The Legacy in Lubbock


If you are a blog reader, you are probably a facebook fan and saw this yesterday, but I had to discuss it just a bit. You see, I missed this shot from the sneak peek the first time around. You can really see the faces and I'm such an emotional shooter I chose from different dancing shots for the couple's sneak peek. Probably this one.

Yep. I did.

And it's a good shot as well! You can see Matt's face and how he's singing to Katie. LOVE!

But when finishing the edits on their reception, that first image came up on the my screen and I fell in love with the feeling. It took me instantly back to that day and how beautiful the ceiling looked. The wedding and reception were at the Legacy and one of the "add ons" for the reception room is draped ceiling. If it's in your budget, go for it! It's soft, dreamy and just adds a touch of pretty to your day!

Love does,