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June Instagram

I love Instagram. But many times I forget to use it and I will go weeks without using it. With the cloud system on my new macbook pro, it's great because they pictures are on all my Apple devices and easily accessible which means, EASY TO BLOG ABOUT.

Some of the things I can explain. Some I can't. For example, I don't even remember where I found this cap below. I think it's someone's and I snapped a picture. But can't remember who's it is? Geez..

And I loved how they spelled Kalyn's name wrong on this award she received. She's such a badass it was perfect!We celebrated Devin's birthday in June. And Summer's. The streamers in the kitchen stayed up for about a month. It was fun and festive!We went and saw a play that a friend of ours starred in.And of course Tri-County took place the month of June. June has some serious sunsets.And our trees out front started blooming.I hopped a plane to Michigan and throughly enjoyed myself.And of course, loved the candy in the hotel room.Summer turned 16!!!! And passed her DL test. She had to drive and parellel park and EVERYTHING. It's a weird feeling having all your family household members able to drive. Anyone can run to the store. Anyone can go pick up things, run errands, etc. Very strange and a bit sad. Beautiful girl!

And then I go my hair cut. I knew growing it out would be extremely hard and I just looked frumpy. I look much better with shorter hair, not to mention it's pool friendly.And our church celebrated it's 100th anniversary! We spent 3 days celebrating and eating. My kind of party. And this is the decorations the staff put up. Much better in person than my crappy picture, but you get the idea.Happy June!