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A Michigan Wedding, Tyler + Simon

Okay, so you know I'm photographing a Michigan Wedding. Or at least I was, but now I'm home working through the many images from Tyler and Simon's wedding celebration at The Union on campus of the University of Michigan. Holy smokes! This wedding was fun! I mentioned before that I've known this family from Mya + Chase's wedding 6 years ago in California. However, did I mention that Mya + Chase has a baby the Friday before the wedding? Yep. Bride's bro had the first GRANDCHILD the day before Tyler + Simon's wedding. So, Tyler becomes a bride and an aunt for the FRIST time, on the same weekend. Talk about emotions! You will see some photos of Tyler holding that brawn new baby. Both girls are absolutely beautiful.

The ceremony took place at The Union on campus. Gorgeous building! FUN Lots of stairs? NOT FUN. But I managed and an elevator helped. We won't discuss my elevator phobia. That's another blog post. Maybe I have referred to it a time or two? Not sure.

My day started early. I met the girls 2 floors above my room at The Campus Inn. My room was small but so well thought out in it's design that it had EVERYTHING possible. The beds, linens and pillows were wonderful and the view? Hello! Across from campus and I could see the stadium even! LOVED staying here. Room service was awesome and would highly recommend it for anyone traveling to AA (as it's known, I'm told.)

All girls need a hug from their dad on their wedding day. How cute is this? Tyler's dad was awesome! He rolled my bag blocks across campus when I left it in his car. I was so excited to see the location that I completely spaced out and left it in the car! UGH.. But that's just ONE of the many things this family did for me this weekend to make me feel warm and welcomed. They are just that way.

Anytime you get girls together, there is going to be fun. Lots of laughs, lots of talk. I love this time of the wedding day because they discuss things that have happened and they laugh and giggle and you get to hear all about how they all weave into each other's lives.

Hello big pretty ROCK.

I think I have a girl crush on Tyler's mom. She's super cute. Wears Jcrew and has many strengths I hope to gain as a mom. I can learn from this woman. A peer perhaps. I enjoy my daughters, as Kathy does. And Tyler enjoys her momma. I hope my daughters enjoy me. I could photograph these two all day. Just watch this series below.See the print on the wall below? It's the Law Building on campus. Simon proposed to Tyler there. How fitting to have this print on the wall of the bridal suite? Below are the MOMS. Take note future wedding people. Make sure your moms have time to enjoy the day as well. It makes the experience so much better. Yes, there is tons to do and arrange for a wedding day, but mommas and daughters belong together. Tyler and her momma had the morning together. It was awesome! Kristin, Tyler's childhood friend below, we hit it off immediately. I did with all her friends. HELLO! She doesn't hang out with uncool people. And for one, I'm drawn to pretty hair right away. But then, when the pretty headed hair person has a fun personality to boot, I'm sold! Lots of pretty hair and fun personalities this weekend.Hardly any makeup and dirty hair and she's still BEAUTIFUL!

Check her out. LOVE LOVE LOVE

The girls would tear up with each step of Tyler's process. Lots of tears that day! From the makeup to the hair, it was all a progression to becoming "the bride"! Excitement was building. And emotions were always there, just ready to pop on the surface. It was during this time I learned a new trick of relaxing your shoulders when you feel tears starting and it helps. Lots of relaxing shoulders this day, let me tell you.

We talked about "filters" which mine is never on. Oh, yes. Me and my non-filter go way back. And now that I think about it, I think that's why I "girl crush" on Tyler's mom so much. She is what she is. She doesn't filter. Thoughts just pour out of her mouth. But Kathy (Tyler's mom) is just darn sweet, like a clean bowl full of white sugar. Where me? I think I'm a bit jaded and sarcastic and even though it should be all about LOVE, sometimes I can be a bit, um....bitchy perhaps? Ask Devin and he'll say my filter is completely BITCHY. LOL At one point during the getting ready, the subject of tattoos came up. Tyler has one. Several of her bridesmaids have one. We discussed the subject at great and made comments about how some folks have large amounts of their body's covered in them and they are NOT attractive. Yeah. Um…hello! Remember small rooms and my opinion is rolling out of my mouth. The amazing hair stylist had some "ink art" all over her exposed parts. So, can you say, foot in mouth? Very sorry about my filter. I'm apologizing from Lubbock right now for that. Art is subjective anyway. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And you know what? After photographing over your shoulder 1/2 the day, I gotta say, these guys are kind of cute. Wished I had asked for your tattoo story, kick ass hair stylist. Maybe she will read this blog post and email me the story and then I can apologize for my opinionated filter mouth. ha!
EDITED TO ADD: Just found out the hair stylist is NaHee Hong. I've messaged her to show her this blog, so maybe we will get the story. So cool how social media works these days.

AND....how gorgeous is she?

We then made our way to The Union. This is Tyler and her mom on the back seat of the car. Oh, yeah...LOVE.See? How beautiful is this campus?

So, we arrive and I find Simon struggling with a tie. HELLO, HOT ASIAN DUDE!

and HELLO beautiful bride!

Tyler and Simon opted for a "first look". There's no hard fast rules at weddings. It's what you and your guy want. Not me. Not the venue. Not all your family and friends. YOU TWO discuss it and plan it the way YOU want. I can give you the nuts and bolts, pros and cons, if you like. But it's totally YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY.

Here's Simon below, seeing that HOT BEAUTIFUL BRIDE OF HIS!

Hello pretty couple in pretty light! We had a gorgeous day in Ann Arbour!Hello pretty bouquet. I didn't get the florist's name, but maybe I'll find out by someone posting her name here. It smelled AMAZING! And held up beautifully.Okay, after the first look we walked across the street to the Law building on campus. You know, where Simon proposed. HELLO! How gorgeous is this place? AMAZE BALLS for sure! I quickly placed the peeps by a bench and fired away Soprano's style. They look so dang cool.

AMAZEBALLS = Basically beyond amazing. Being so awesome that a regular word can't describe you.

Tyler has wonderful taste and a simple, yet lovely sense of style. The bridesmaids dresses and jewelry are definitely something one would KEEP and wear again and again. In fact, after creeping her facebook page, I see she bought herself a necklace and wore it before the big day. Love these!

Cracking up at the faces these girls make. Apparently this is how you work it before you "work it".


Choosing the Union was a perfect fit for the two of them. Not just because of the connection to the two of them, but also because it reminded me of Mya and Chase's wedding at UCLA Kerkoff Hall. They are my connection to Tyler. And both buildings have their similarities. Beautiful details. High ceilings. Campus parking. HA! The place was AMAZEBALLS. The lighting on the 2nd floor staircase was perfect for all the family formals Well done Mr. Architects. I thank you.

And then...

who should arrive?

Check out those adorable toes below. They belong to Miss Lula Rose Zapata Coffey. No? I probably botched her name. And I'm very sorry, but she quickly stole everyone's heart. Scroll down to see proud momma and poppa. Not to mention TIRED.

Mya delivered just a little over 24 hours before this photo was taken. MORE AMAZE BALLS! She is tired, yes, but STUNNING.And then she lost it when the bride held that sweet baby girl of hers. EVERYONE lost it, me included.Let me interrupt your emotional moment for some HOT groom ACTION.

And more pretty ladies!CEREMONY TIME!!!!

Michigan Wedding Photographer

And then reception. I will add that the food, (I had the beef) was wonderful! I ate quickly so I wouldn't miss a moment and it was YUMMY. Tyler's style carried over into the elegant simplicity of the decor. The mercury glass and white flowers were perfect.Okay, just watch. Just watch and tell me you don't feel how fun this group is! First dance.


I love a first dance. It sets the tone for the evening. Tyler and Simon met and fell in love on a dance floor. It was only fitting the night start there as well. We celebrated on the dance floor all night long!!!

Thank you Coffey Wang families for hosting a fitting celebration and introducing me to my first Michigan Wedding. I hope it won't be my last. For more images from the wedding, CLICK HERE to access their gallery. The passcode is the couple's last names smushed together, lower case.