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Lindsey + Brady, an engagement in Lubbock

Meet Lindsey and Brady.

Lindsey is the one with the gorgeous skin glowing in all these photos! Brady, you look pretty swell as well, but if I called you gorgeous you might shove that boot up my butt. HA!

This couple is getting married this August and we spent a humid Sunday evening shooting their engagement photos.


I swear Lindsey could be an actress. She already reminds me of the access from Wonder Woman, the TV show. I want her skin!!! If I was the sick fool in Silence of the Lambs, she would be my muse and the reason for wanting a skin suit. HELLO! She's GORGEOUS!

I love couples in love.

They are good together. They make each other laugh. The fit in the crooks of arms and just know each other and how to hang out and look AWESOME.

And those eyes! I realize Brady is squinting in these shots because it was overcast and that made everything sort of "bright" all over, but he was fine closing his bad boys because I had these beautiful blues in my lens. Or greens? Not sure. They changed depending on where we were and what she wore.

I think this one below is my absolute FAVORITE! Brady looks so dang cute and proud. He should with that THANG wrapped between his arms. Of course with a guy like Brady, you have to find some wide open spaces. He's got the boots and the girl. So I found a fence line, a pretty sunset and a place to sit a spell.

Thank you. You two are fun, relaxed and oh so fine on the eyes. My kind of couple.