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Kalyn's Grad Party

Okay, right off the bat let's talk about how I'm looking below. DON'T judge. I had been in the pool and cooking most of the day. NOT to mention I'd stayed up ALL night the night before. Yep. I partied on Grad night. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Not one bit. After graduation, Kalyn and I were locked in at Bodyworks with 100+ of her classmates. It was fun, but I'm suffering the consequences below.


But I'm showing you this photo because I'm tickled pink I'm with my sister, Kim!!! She lives in sunny California and because my kid is smart enough to graduate from high school, she came to visit me. LOVE YOU, KIM!!!! It's not easy to just pick up and leave your family. Especially when you are the SAHM that is responsible for EVERYTHING in their lives. She has 3 kids that are super smart and talented. I hope she gets sick of them soon and ships them here to live with me for a year or so. I will gladly take them.

We wanted to throw Kalyn a HUGE party and invite everyone who's ever taught her a thing in her life. We'd start way back at St. Joseph School and move forward through coaches, teachers, administrators, nuns, priests, etc. But heck. Our lives have been so dang busy that when I worked with 2 kids at the video store 30+ hours a week, I only THOUGHT I was busy. Now that's busy!!!

We had family here from out of town and all I really wanted to do was enjoy them. I was just so tickled pink to have them here. This is me and Kim below in the kitchen. She helped me cook things she doesn't like to eat. Just so we could spend sister time together. That's love folks.

Ida Lee was still on a high from gradation the night before and feeling dang good, so she came to our family grad party as well. See the photo below? That's the wall I've been working on in our Game Room. I decided to do a collage of sports photos including anyone in our family that wants to be on the wall. It features me in a cheer uniform and Devin in all his football uniforms through the years. Ranger, NSU, Slaton Tigers. Pretty cool. You can also see David, Devin's dad in the bottom left hand corner in HIS Slaton Tiger Yearbook photo. Soon to be featured is my Dad who just recently sent me some of his yearbook photos.

We still have no patio furniture other than our two rocking chairs we bought at a Sweetheart Sizzler before we moved. Someday I will have a BIG grouping of lounge chairs so folks can basically go and sleep in the sun by the pool. But for now? Everyone fights over the chairs.Dinner was YUMMY. We repeated what we had Mom's Day. It was so good. And instead of doing rice, beans and the whole 9 yards, I just made 7 layer dip which Devin LOVES, yet my sister HATES. Honestly, I didn't know she didn't like it. That's how long it's been since we all hung out. HELLO! I'm ashamed really.Here's my family in my kitchen hanging out. Dad, Mom and Kim. We spent much of the day talking and talking and talking some more. That's what family does when they are together and I LOVE IT!Here's Brooke and Summer cooking the tortilla's on the stove. Devin's co-worker, Elizabeth taught us everything we know about good Mexican food. We owe her BIG. Like 20 pounds of big! HELLO! Store bought tortilla's on a iron grid heated by open gas flame, TOTALLY YUMMY and unfortunately not fat free. Hence the 20 pounds. But golly, it's a party, so let's party!See Kalyn's arm? I haven't even told you about how that happened. That's how out of touch/order I've been with blogging. She hurt it playing dodgeball on a trampoline at Bodyworks grad night. Her and Casey collided going for a ball and we think it was hyperextended. It's doing better but still not 100%. I think a few other grads were hurt playing that night as well. It was a popular game and the kids LOVED it. But I did notice a sign on the wall going inside that basically said, YOU WILL BE HURT PLAYING THIS GAME.

Her and Jack played Wii a bunch that night and now my TV remote does not work with my TV. I have no idea what they did. I only know I watch less TV, so maybe it's not a thing to get mad about. No?

Davida brought some balloons and cake cupcakes. They were AWESOME! And D.O.G.? She had a bath and her nails clipped for the occasion.

Present time!

I tried to take photos and video but I honestly don't remember much because I was so tired. I hate that. But I did manage to get this shot of my dad and Kalyn while she opened her gifts. LOVE my dad's white hair. It's beautiful!!! So not fair. I keep thinking my gray will look like that, but nope. Mine is yuch. I'll be having Danny dye my hair blonde even when I'm 90. YIPES.

Idalee, Jack and Kanga. Idalee moved her chair up closer so she could watch the present opening. Kim and Kalyn. They gave Kalyn a Kindle reader and she's carrying it with her everywhere! Already read several books on the thing and got me to download the ap for my iPhone because apparently we can share books? Not quite sure. But I do know we need to get the library pin so we can loan them out from the library. So, cool.David and Davida are always good at fooling folks when they are trying to open presents. They wrapped paper towels in a big box WITH her gift. So funny!

And it was great getting her reaction when she realized what it was. A mac book pro! So cool.

Summer gave her a Beevo Pillow Pet in honor of her college of choice.We swam and had a great time! I wish we all lived closer so this was just a normal thing for us. Getting together, swimming and eating. I'm sure I wouldn't appreciate my family as much if that was the case, but still. I can dream.

Happy Graduation, Miss Marie!




Kalyn's Grad Party from Kristin Bednarz on Vimeo.