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Katie + Matt, a wedding at The Legacy in Lubbock Texas


Katie and Matt were married this Saturday at The Legacy in Lubbock, Texas. Of course, if I'm blogging it, then I shot it! Right? Well, that's not always the case in photo world, but it is in my world.

I started the day at Katie's home in Lubbock. Her parents had a breakfast for the out-of-towners and I showed up of course. FOOD. HELLO! I'm pretty good at food. I wish I wasn't. And I'm working on it. I'm ready to be a MILF. Other than the fake boobie thing, I'd like to have a good body (notice I didn't say great) one more time in my life. Just once. And then keep it. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. So, I've been working on that this past week, since school has been out. And I'm doing OK with the moving each day, eating less, eating smarter. But the damn cookie dough and wedding cake keeps getting in the way. HA!

So, something this group did that I loved was play basketball. The guys split up into teams ahead of time and even drafted players and donned shirts and played bb the morning of the wedding, you know, before their afternoon naps. AWESOME! So, needless to say, you will see a ton of photos of that! More than any golf photos I've shared before, because you know, that's the norm for morning activity for groomsmen. You see, girls are fine sitting around gabbing for hours without an activity. NOT GUYS. They need something to do. So, Matt's guys got game. IT WAS AWESOME!

Above is Katie's aunt, a total ham who would almost do anything for the camera. Check her out getting her "red raider" guns up! Her clan was from out of town, Tennessee I think? But because this is Lubbock and Katie went to TT, they donned their red and black and posed for the camera any chance I gave them. Definite fun bunch!

And the guys! You have to appreciate the effort given by Matt's bunch of males. I was tickled pink to be a part of this! Tickled! They hustled pretty darn hard those first few minutes, I'm telling you, and despite a few on injured reserve, they all looked pretty darn good. I'm not sure if there was a winner, as many ended up redrafting or going as free agents to the other team, but I honestly don't think they cared. It was all about being together and sweating out the night before. LOL

Just WOW!

And more WOW!Matt was such a fun guy to photograph. Not camera shy at all. And that combination of dark hair and puppy dog eyes? HELLO! I was cheering for him for sure!!!! And all team members were smack talking a bit, but that didn't last long when they realized they needed to reserve their energy for the game. I think in their heads they thought it might go another way? And when it didn't, they definitely conserved. After a few minutes it went from full court to 1/2. Made it easy on me.

Check out the faces on the guys in the background watching these two go after it! LOVE!Great form! After the game, I headed to the church to meet Katie and her girls. We walked into the sanctuary to see the flowers and needless to say, we were impressed! Dayspring did an AWESOME job!

This crew was so much fun to hang out with. I wanna be in their club. Like bad. Like bad enough to stalk them on facebook and see where they are hanging out and such and then I would just so happen to "stroll by" and they would let me sit and laugh like we did that day. Ohmgeeeeee! I was sore after. And the girl above? Claire? A BIG reason why I was sore. The girl has wit. She's quick, she's truly smart, and she's funny as hell, not to mention she has curly hair and get this,




it's red.

enough said. I have a huge crush on her. At least until I saw Katie get dressed and her brothers and father break down like babies. When that happened? I was crushing on them. HELLO! Emotional family pictures coming up. Well, after all the pretty detail shots.

And what about Momma? She provided her own entertainment at all times. You didn't have to worry about this girl. I'm not sure how she did it, but she kept the day free of chores, pretty much, anyway by the time they arrived at the church, and spent it with Katie and her girls. She was fun. With a capital F kinda way. I mean, just look at her below? FUN!

This is Katie's bro below. Personality DRIPPING.And then he saw her.

That was all it took.

He broke down like a baby and I started crying with him. I couldn't stop myself. I love emotion, but when a man cries, I'm toast. Katie and Matt chose to have a First Look. It's a great way to have some time, just the two of you on your wedding day. To really soak each other in and enjoy a bit of slowness. Things move mad and fast in wedding land. I love this series of Matt watching his bride walk towards him. Matt...you stole my heart Saturday. STOLE it.

Pretty flowers match the pretty socks.

We spent a few minutes photographing their fabulousness and zebra attitudes. Don't ask. And after snapping the two of them, I managed to get all their images DONE COMPLETELY before ceremony time and even changed clothes myself. I was a hot mess and not in the kind of way where you wanna be up next to me either.Matt, you are SEXY. Katie is one lucky girl.We had time to make sure all the important people in their lives were captured in their true light as well. This bunch did not disappoint! They rocked my camera world!And then we had a wedding to attend to. And a beautiful ceremony it was! Lots of laughs, tears, emotion, the perfect combination of wedding bliss!While the guest moseyed on to the reception, I played with the wedding party. It was just a quick few minutes walking 1/2 way around the block. They entertained me and wowed me with their modeling ways in only they way this bunch could.Until I found the ivy wall I so love and decided to dismiss the rest and just keep Matt and Katie. HELLO! Can you see it in their eyes? LOVE



Reception Time!We ate cake.We danced.We sang to our dance partners.We drank from glasses of men.We kissed other people, and laughed TONS.And we danced and danced and danced again!Even grandma got in on the dancing fun.And then, something amazing happened. You see, earlier in the reception, I was speaking to the FOB (wedding photographer language for "Father of the Bride") and he informed me that he was nervous about dancing with his daughter. You know, telling me he couldn't really dance very well. Everyone would be looking. Just nervous. So about 1/2 way through the reception, I'm photographing some of the wedding party jamming to THRILLER by MJ and I'm firing away and then see FOB wander into my camera's frame. HELLO! Dude danced a hell of a MJ copy! I was impressed!

I think many guests were! Well done!And it didn't stop. Once he started he kept right on shuffling those feet! The man could jam with the best of them! LOVED IT!

Katie and Matt, thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. I enjoyed myself immensely in your presence. I wish you THE BEST of LOVE for generations to come and please let me know when you want to hang out again. And oh, if you want to view more of your fabulous wedding sneak peek, head on over to your wedding gallery.
The password is your last names, Katie's first, smushed together, lower case.
Much Love,