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Mother's Day

We have a new Bednarz. Her name is Ansley. She's got gorgeous blue eyes and belongs to my husband, Devin's cousin. She joins Jill, Cory and Clara.

There were here over Mother's Day weekend and everyone wanted to hold her and just stare at those blue eyes.

Here sister Clara had just woken up from a nap, so she was still cuddly and sweet. Of course she's sweet all the time, but especially sweet when she's first awake.

Just look at that face!

The happy family!

Hello Baby!

Hello sweet big sister!

And then they handed her off to the WILD BUNCH!

We were there to honor our matriarch, Ida Lee Bednarz. She's 98 and still kicking so you better believe, when we can, weCELEBRATE!I love this picture of Emily and Brooke.

Sweet Summer got her chance to coo with baby Ansley.

Great Grandma and all the kids!


This guy on the right is my bro-in-law Jason. I love this series with his dad!

and then he starts kissing on everyone else.

Here's Kate rocking the fishbone braid!

Kalyn and Summer goofing!Before the cousins left for Big D, we walked down the street to this cool vintage bug. I had to photograph them on the bug. HELLO! It's my favorite color, orange.

And then I tried to photograph us, together. Momma and her girls. I have to give a shout out to my momma. I sure miss her. She's coming into town this next week to celebrate Kalyn's graduation from High School. I can't wait to give her a hug!