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Kalyn, Lubbock Cooper Senior 2012


Last night we were in the safe room of our house for a tornado warning. YIPES! The men? One was cooking burgers and the other watching the radar. You know, just in case. But me and the girls? Hunkered down with water and pillows and a laptop. LOL

Just minutes before i was with Kalyn in east Lubbock photographing her senior portrait. YIPES! I actually squeezed her in! Photography kids are like cobblers kids. The cobbler's kids never have shoes because he's always working on customers wishes. Same with me. Christmas is crazy busy and I manage to squeeze off a frame or two for a card. Ask my god kids, or my nieces and nephews. They suffer the same fate. You think they would have AMAZING pictures, but no. Few and far between.

Well, I'm so glad I MADE the time for Kalyn. And I told her I would treat her just like a client and share with her a sneak peek.

So, enjoy Miss Marie! You did AMAZING!!!!