culling files

Many times when culling files for a client, I have to think about several things. I'm pretty cut and dry. If it's out of focus AT ALL, get's tossed. I laugh a lot when I shoot, so many times, when the camera pressed up against my face, I giggle and laugh and shake the camera and thus a few frames are completely a waste.

So I make the first pass editing in by tossing out those that are not clear. However, just because I light a guys head on fire with a sunburst of happiness doesn't mean I won't keep the shot because of the mood or the feeling I get from it.

Case in point. Brett and his bro. I LOVE this shot. No make that ADORE this shot. The minute it came up on my screen I told myself I have to have one like this of Kalyn and Summer together. NOW. Before Kalyn leaves for college. All those funny moments between siblings that only the two of you can share. That's what this says to me and hopefully the two of them.

I'd keep one of these framed, on my bedside table to look at every day no matter where I am, if I had one of me and my Kimmie. But I don't.

Hmm...she's coming into town next month for Kalyn's graduation.

Oh, yeah...

That's what I love about photos, the still image. They inspire!