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The image above was taken for me. Yes, Brennan's in it and we were photographing his senior portrait, but most moms don't buy an image like this. I mean, they can't see his face? It may end up in an album from time to time. Don't worry. I got plenty of Brennan that are wonderful portraits. But the image above? That one is for me. Sometimes you see things in your head and you have to get them out. I love bumpy curves of the horizon and the way the weeds add texture to the land. I like how it seems like the subject is moving and small compared to the great big world around him. And I love how the clouds are all around Him, proving my dream we can live with our heads in the clouds sometimes. Especially if we keep moving.

Images should make you feel and this one makes me feel calm while making me think ahead about how his life will change. For Brennan For his family About how my Kalyn's life will change. About how our family's dynamic will change.

She was surprised a few weeks ago to hear about how my family wS planning on arriving for her graduation. We've never had both my mom and dad here except for the birth of my kids. So, she doesn't remember the two together like I do. She said, "It's just high school graduation.". Thinking about how everyone is making such a big deal about it. Almost everyone graduates from high school. Right? Sort of a "gee" mentality about the celebration ahead.

But we celebrate the roads in life. Marriage, kids, big moments where we want to hug each other and tell them we love them because life will never be the same again.

That's what this image feels like to me. Life will never be the same.