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Instagram Tuesday

Okay, so it's Tuesday, not Friday, but does it really matter? I mean as long as I post my iPhone photos we are good, no? It is a PHOTO BLOG after all.

We are busy in the Bednarz Household with HOMECOMING 2011. Kalyn Marie is a Homecoming candidate and we are just enjoying the maddness! Okay, that's a semi lie that my sister can vouch for. HOMECOMING STRESS! HELLO! I have to be on the field escorting my beautiful girl instead of taking photos. UGH... a photographer's worst nightmare, to be in front of the lens.

Pray for me.

Here's my photos for the week.



Okay, so I was in Ruidosa photographing Alicia and Brad's wedding celebration and snapped the shot above of the mountain range. A crappy photo for sure, but it was more about the "feeling" of the image than anything. Right? Let's just slap a filter on that baby and call it art. LOL

And while I was there, I received this photo via text from Miss Gayla (on the right). It will give a good representation of just why I should be on the other side of the camera. HA! But because it features some very dear and long time friends of mine, I'll share it. Even though Kelly will definitely be a bit angry because we caught her in the middle of a blink. UGH! I hate it when that happens.

I should mention that Gayla just got her new smart phone that week and I'm so excited for her! You remember when your smart phone was new and you were getting to know all it could do? I'm hoping she sends me photos with it all the time. Gayla? Are you reading this?

We were celebrating Gayla's 40th birthday and had a great time! Which reminds me that I need to blog some of those photos. Add that to the "to do" list.



LOVE this shirt! Every bride should have an "I heart _______ " shirt. Don't you think?



Pretty flowers from their AMAZING reception! I know I already talked about this before, but lighting is so dang important at your reception. It sets the mood for your guests and for the type of affair you want to have. A+ to the lighting at the Spencer! Also, I might add that the florist that Alicia + Brad hired for their reception backed out on them 2 weeks before. 2 weeks! And they found another one that did a wonderful job last minute and all. I was impressed. Talk about stressing a couple out though. Geez...





All VW's have a flower holder. These are what's currently in Kalyn's car. I think they are too big. But it's not like I've driven my booty to Michael's to replace these puppies. Note to self: drive to Michael's and purchase smaller flowers for Kalyn's bug.

Just cracked myself up. Usually there a bug in the flowers. Not flowers in the bug.




Somewhere in NM.


Once home, I started walking again. I never continued much after this day, but I did start. DOG was very pleased. However, one lap around the neighborhood and she's done. Sadly, so was I. Shelley, we sooooo need to do this again!!!!



Which brings me to my next post.

We are currently breeding Kanga. Her boyfriend Ty has been here all week and we are getting to know him very well. Sometime before Christmas the two should become parents. Of course I'll post puppy photos, but in the meantime, I'm walking these two a lot.



And I helped Kalyn with a poster for Homecoming. I forgot to take a photo of the finished one to share, so I thought I would include this one here. She snapped it at school and sent it to me. ADORABLE, I might add. We did good.




And Tuesday last week, I got to help Steve Conway photograph the Laura Bush Middle School Volleyball Teams. GO PIRATES! This is my favorite vballer, Kenda's baby girl, Kellyn. Her momma is a photographer so HELLO! We had to take a photo. Duh?







Since Ty was staying with us all week, I had to snap a few photos to let his momma know he was still alive! Plus, you know, to show his kids someday.




New purse! I found a great bag for traveling from Banana Republic on sale for just $24. Lots of pockets to pack full of stuff and still looks classy enough for fancy places. Because I go to so many, you know. Fancy places.




And water.

I've been trying to drink more of this bad boy each day. Pretty easy when I'm working from home. But not so easy when you have a cherry limeade so dang handy at the video store each week. UGH! They are so good, but not so good for me. So more water is definitely in order.






That's all for Instagram this week. Until next time...

Kristin | full time water drinker, (at least for today)