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Hi, I'm Kristin.

AKA:  Professional Light Chaser

kbedz, Kris, Kristi, Krissy, Kristin

I like snapchat.  Yep.  It's fun. Easy and I'm learning.  If you'd like to follow me, CLICK HERE.

I'm a West Texas Catholic girl.  NOW.  (I wasn't always.)  I live in Lubbock, Texas, and came here for love and never left. Yes. I married my college sweetheart and still buy bridal magazines.  I know.  I know.  SO DANG CHEESY!  But I can't help myself.  Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, Guideposts (gift from Mom) In Style, and Vogue grace my monthly stash as well.

I adore photographing emotional moments and actually consider that my drug of choice.  It's just addicting, watching people in love interact and enjoy life and each other.  When people are REAL, when they are naked to their emotions, when they show how they really feel?  It's just a wonderful thing.

We own a liquor store.  (The Bull Stop in Slaton, Texas) and no, I can't get you a discount on liquor for your wedding reception.  If you are in Slaton, I encourage you to stop and say hello.  If it's a Monday, there's a good chance I'm there.  We make a kick ass cherry lime.  Well, worth the stop.

I love movies, but I can't remember movie lines or jokes.  I like to hear them and you know when you get with your friends and you laugh until your tummy hurts?  That's my favorite thing to do.  We owned a video store, (think mom + pop style), for the first 22 plus years of our marriage.  (yes, I married at age 12.  -snort-)

Things I've watched and developed an addiction to:  Grey's Anatomy, Friday Night Lights, Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, Call the Midwife, The Walking Dead, and yep.  I'll admit it, even The Kardashians.  I know, shaking my head in shame on that last one.  Oh, wait!  Friends.  I have the entire set on DVD.  Did I mention that we used to own a video store?  You know, back in the day.

I love the beach!  I grew up summers in Long Beach, CA and it's the one place on earth I feel totally at peace and relaxed.  There's always something going on inside my heart, my brain, my body.  The beach reconnects them all.  It's my happy place.  I don't get there near enough.

Music makes me happy.  I'm currently addicted to Apple Music.  Have you tried it?  HELLO!  Seriously worth the money each month.  Oh, and Stitcher.  The podcast app.  Anyone?

I ADORE looking at people's photos.  Like really looking at them.  It's the first thing I do when I arrive at their house.  The walls, the books shelves, your wallet, your iPhone.  I just love hearing people talk about their photos.  In fact, keep scrolling and I'll share a few of my favorites.  I really need to hire a photographer to make some photographs of me and my family.   

yeah, yeah


My dog, Kanga Roo.  Crazy dog!  If you want to see more of her?  Just use the search tool somewhere on this blog type in her name.  HELLO!  She's all over this blog!  If you follow me on Instagram, search #kangatales.  (see what I did there?)  LOL  Crack myself up!

2014-07-29 09.28.34-1.JPG

yes.  Another one of the dang dog.

I hope my kids don't read this.  

This is DOG.  Yep.  D.O.G.  She's awesome!  And a stray that found us on on the farm many moons ago.  We love her so!  If you come to my home, this is how you will see her.  She sleeps ALOT.


My BFF, Toni.  She's also the one who shoots your wedding when you add a 2nd shooter.  Good as gold folks. Good as gold.  

2014-08-31 19.29.05-1.JPG

My AWESOME family!  I have 2 kids, Kalyn Marie, who is a RTF student at the Univeristy of Texas and Summer Zoe, she's a business major at Texas Christian Univeristy.  Yes.  They let Catholics in!  

My hubby Devin.  

AKA:  stud muffin

Married since 1991.  I haven't killed him, yet.  You know that song by Barry Manilow?  "Looks Like we Made it"